The Woodpeckers™


Toothpicks, guitars, cigar boxes, canes, gun racks, and the staff of Moses. Everyday items of the everyday badass. In 1000 B.C. Moses walked up to a burning bush and the Lord spoke to him. But Moses wasn’t that strong, so God gave him staff.  And that staff was made of wood. What did Moses do with that wooden staff? Brought Egypt to its knees. We at M.U.L.E, do as you do, practice the religion of getting huge. Our inspiration all started with a piece of wood, and we decided to honor one of the strongest materials known to mankind by developing a pair of underwear that resembles the materials that make up your house, golf tees, toilet seats, and rowboats. Hats off to wood. And we’re not referring to the wood in your pants.


product specifications:

  • 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane
  • Sweat Wicking, Quick Drying
  • Odor Absorbent
  • Flat Lock Stitching
  • 360 Degree Stretch
  • Custom Designed Sublimated Print
  • Debossed M.U.L.E Tailored Waistband
  • Tailored To Trash Maximal Weight
  • Manufactured for Massiveness
  • Designed in Raleigh, North Carolina

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