Definition of a M.U.L.E

A M.U.L.E is a breed of animal that posses the even temper, patience, endurance and sure footedness of the donkey; and the vigor strength, and courage of the horse. In addition to its traits, the M.U.L.E possesses more patience under the pressure of heavy weight. The M.U.L.E exemplifies every quality that our customers have. It is the original workhorse. It pulls the plow from Sunup to Sundown, regardless of how worn it may be from the previous workday. A true M.U.L.E pushes itself to the brink of exhaustion by disregarding the total weight of the plow, and in our case, our plow just happens to be a fat stack of weights.    

M.U.L.E Philosophy

We define the Most Unreal Lifting Experience by hard work, discipline, and the never give up attitude. We are the brand worn by working men and women who make sacrifices every day and still find the time to train, regardless if it is 5 am or 10 pm. We provide an experience for our athletes by delivering products that will ensure performing at higher levels. Our products will provide you with the Most Unreal Lifting Experience. It will allow you to represent what you stand for as an athlete: dedication and perseverance. In the past we’ve found ourselves wearing old, worn-out clothes to the gym or wearing a brand of clothing that does not truly identify itself with our philosophy. We decided to break the norm and create the first brand of apparel that people can wear to distinguish themselves. From weightlifting to off-season training, M.U.L.E is a lifestyle. If you are struggling to find gear to help you bend the bar, allow M.U.L.E to take you to the next level. Train like a M.U.L.E. Become a different breed.


Hammer & Axe

The Hammer and the Axe are physically symbolic.

They are weapons to destroy any obstacle that gets in your way. No matter what type of wall is placed in front of you…you can always overcome it. Just keep swinging, bring the wall to its knees and beat the odds.


Two brothers, born and raised in North Carolina, founded the company in 2012 after successful collegiate careers at N.C. State University and brief stints in the NFL. Both brothers having a firm belief in hard work, were walk-ons at N.C. State and were able to beat the odds by constantly training and outworking the competition. Only through dedication to their persistence, did they earn scholarships and go above and beyond what anyone else could have imagined. Following football, they decided to turn their sights to training themselves and others. By doing so, they found the need to develop a brand that truly defines what it takes to be successful and overcome adversity on one’s journey as a competitive athlete. And from this M.U.L.E was born. A brand meant for weightlifters around the world whose hard work defines them. M.U.L.E began as a hobby but has grown into something more: an experience that embodies a certain class of person. One who never flinches in the eye of adversity and constantly perseveres through every aspect of their life. Allow us to be your brand providing you with a lifestyle that will help to reach the peak of your training goals.