Free The Quadzilla™ T-Shirt


The Quadzilla™️ was captured on 2|1|2018 by two of the worlds most famous and notorious bounty hunting brothers, Billy and Bobby Badass.

One of the strongest and most dangerous creatures known to man, the Quadzilla is the only creature of its kind. A creature who has simple tastes and takes nothing for granted in life. If the Quadzilla had one wish, his wish in life would be start a quiet selfless life in a quaint little suburb with a house that he can call his own. Where once a week he can mow his grass and once a quarter the neighbors invite him and his potential future family, (if he can find a wife who can love a beast and bare his child), over for a bbq dinner and a cold beer.

Despite his aspirations, the Quadzilla’s last known location was in the back of a black van sitting in a cage, constrained, cuffed, and with cold steel shackles locked in around his feet.

M.U.L.E is here create a movement... a movement to help Free the Quadzilla. Every person to help in his release is not only helping in preserve the one and only of his kind; they are assisting and aiding in preserving equality and freedom for a creature that only knows persecution.

To assist in the release of the Quadzilla™️ - please call

(513)-463-QUAD or Donate now and buy a t-shirt.

*shirt fits true to size*

Built with our Workhorse comfort blend: 65% poly, 35% viscose

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