Forever Huge. Forever Large. Forever Bulk.

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Forever Huge. Forever Large. Forever Bulk.

There are days I feel as if I was born in the wrong time period and aging through my 20s in the wrong decade.  If Doc from “back to the future” were to show up in the delorean, I would probably tell him to take me and drop me off at one of two time periods… The 1940s (1940-1944) or the 1980s. Yes, two completely different decades with totally different ways of life, however both are eras where I feel as if I would fit right in and actually come out of the decade witnessing something that only a few people have in this world.

1940s – The Great Depression and World War 2. I would walk away realizing that when you think you have a bad day because something didn’t go your way, take a look in the mirror. I reflect back to the soldiers in the boats on d-day and how they felt riding onto the beaches of Normandy. You may read that and say… that’s cliché and typical, but hell it’s the absolute truth.

And then on the flip side...

1980s – vhs camcorders, gold chains, hair, 80s rock, people actually went to sporting events to watch not to take a photo of being there. (i.e. no modern day technology iphones, ipads, instagram, facebook).

Reflecting back to the best feature of the 1980s, 80s music, that leads me into a discussion regarding one of my favorite songs ever, titled “Forever Young”.

“Forever Young" was the second single released by Rod Stewart from his "Out Of Orderalbum in 1988. The song was a Top 20 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 peaking at #12, and #7.

Spin that and song and listen to it while someone is on the road to 300...

It would be titled – “Forever Bulk.”

So what is Forever Bulk? Forever Bulk reflects back to what we all refer to as "bulking season", which for those of you who may not be aware, is that time of year where covering up with clothes every day is the new norm, abs go away, and someone’s strength increases tenfold. However for most on this little journey, it lasts about 3-4 months, roughly 120 days (give or take), and it comes and goes faster than Christmas Day and Santa Claus. The strongest you will be only lasts so long and like anything is life, it is eventually taken away from you.

Here sitting on the road to 300 and the way my numbers have increased with my lifts over the last 4 weeks, I now believe in busting the seams of your clothes daily and throwing up stupid amounts of weight that when you begin to lift it, the entire gym can only stop what their doing, grab a bucket of popcorn and a chair to watch the show.

My numbers 4 weeks ago (pre road to 300 so technically the week before my recording week 1) at a 5 rep max.

Pre Road To 300 - Squat - 5reps @ 495lbs

Pre Road To 300 – Bench – 5reps @ 340lbs

Pre Road To 300 - Deadlift – 5reps @ 585lbs


Week 4 - Squat - 5reps @ 545lbs + 50

Week 4 – Bench – 5reps @ 365lbs + 25 

Week 4 - Deadlift – 5reps @ 675lbs + 90

Just like the picture associated with this post. The U.S.S Bulk set sail 4 weeks ago, and after being beaten, battered, and worn down by an ocean of food, weights, and self doubt... this bitch is still cruising and its onto week 5 we go.







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