The Detour

February 04, 2019

The Detour

Mac trucks, trains, and cruise ships. Three of the biggest mediums for transporting humans from point A to point B… A being the start, B being the end destination.

On every road ever traveled, there has always been and will always be a random pothole just waiting to destroy your mac trucks tires, rims or axles. Thus delaying the trip.

Every train ever created has had to come to a complete stop at some point due to derailment, collision with another object, an operational error, broken rails, or the mechanical failure of the wheels.

Every cruise ship ever built, lifting its anchors and carrying its load to venture out on the high seas, has had to divert its path due to bad weather, rogue waves, and/or pirates. Not necessarily pirates like jack sparrow and the pirates of the caribbean; but pirates as in captain phillips, tom hanks, AK-47 barely speaking english pirates. Ones that attempt to come on board and rob you blind. Yes, unfortunately this happens even on the best of family tropical cruise liners.

i.e. The Seabourn Spirit, a luxury cruise ship carrying 210 crew members and passengers, was attacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia. Riding in two small speedboats, the pirates fired at the ship with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades, but the crew drove them off with a badass water hose and a long range acoustic device. No clue what an acoustic device is, but when I hear long range acoustic device I think of an all-black Fender CC-60S acoustic guitar on sale for an easy $199.99 at…. Definitely not that, but it could have been cool if they warded off pirates with a water house and a guitar. Side note, I probably will not being going on any cruises once I hit 300 pounds, but that’s beside the point and a post for another time. But pirates… wild right?

I am a vehicle on a journey that has an end goal in mind and over the last ten days I encountered a major detour on my road to greatness.  A detour that all vehicles must experience at some point on their journeys no matter the destination.

A detour, for those of you who maybe have never traveled on one, by definition or in british english: is a diversion, defined as a temporary route taking traffic around an area of prohibited or reduced access.

For those of you who don’t know, m.u.l.e is a goal, a dream, a belief system, and a constant pursuit of something bigger than myself and my brother. We both work full time jobs from 7am-5pm every single day, five days a week, sometimes six or seven; and sometimes work can control our very lives and time. Work ultimately caused a detour with having to travel for “x” amount of days for a national meeting. That meeting was a detour that had prevented me access to the road, access to the iron sanctuary, and access to calories and the fuel I need to succeed in achieving the almighty 300.

I was ultimately diverted, but I will not be stopped.  This week finally marks the first full recording week and has been a long time coming.

The long awaited recording of every weight lifting session, the intake of calories, exactly when and what it is I am eating, and recording of straight trashing weight day in and day out.

Better bring your lunch pail.

The road is about to get wild.



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