The GROWcery

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The GROWcery


The gorilla diet consists of eating 40 plus pounds of vegetation and fruit daily. A great white shark needs to eat at least 66 pounds of animal blubber to sustain itself for 15 days. And in the late summer and early fall, grizzlies enter hyperphagia, a period of 2-4 months when they intensify their calorie intake to put on weight for winter denning.

Three facts about three of the strongest beasts in the world and their diet habits. And here are the facts of the beasts and animals that enter on The Road to 300.

In order to gain weight and put on pure raw muscle, one does not have to double its intake, but triple their shopping efforts. Shop until you drop has never applied to grocery shopping until now.

Load up your cart until the wheels bend. Loot the store like the second coming and apocalypse has finally hit. Grab anything and everything.

The more calories, the more output. The more output, the better the lift. The better the lift, the stronger you get. The stronger you get, the greater the chance of you owning your opponent.

Over the next 3 months the calorie consumption I will embark on will nearly triple in size. The amount of food in order to achieve the 45 pound increase in mass on days will be sickening.

But now is the time to be like the Blue Shark, a glutton. And a glutton will eat until it regurgitates, and then go right back to eating. 


3 grams of carbs per body pound of weight @300lbs = 900 grams per day

1.5 grams of protein per body pound of weight @300lbs = 405 grams per day

0.25 grams of fat per body pound of weight @300lbs = 75 grams per day


The First Growcery Trip:

  1. 7 Rice Krispy treat boxes
  2. 3 coconut cream pies
  3. 6 Boston cream pies
  4. 5 gallons of ice cream
  5. 1 pack of nutty buddys
  6. 4 dark chocolate Hershey bars
  7. 5, 15 pound bags of raw chicken
  8. 10 packs of ribs
  9. 14 bushels of bananas
  10. 7 bags of organic sweet potato fries
  11. 6 hungry man ready meal packs for emergencies
  12. 17 digiorno pizzas
  13. 6 boxes of cereal (frosted flakes, lucky charms, captain crunch, fruity pebbles)
  14. 8 dozen eggs
  15. 5 boxes of 48 pack pop tart boxes


300 or Die


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