The Pure American M.U.L.E T-Shirt


In Harry Potter, the name for a Witch or Wizard born of non magical descendants is described as “Mudblood”. Now we don’t know about you, but we think it’s kind of offensive to make fun of someone who comes from a slightly different background. Well good news, is Harry Potter wasn’t real and neither are witches or wizards.

Even better news, we like to refer to men and women from specific descendants and who contain certain traits in a similar manner and bless them with a name. First, they are born in America. And second, they work all day from sunup to sundown, go until the fibers in their body say “hey John, why don’t you take a break”. You are a Pure American M.U.L.E.

Be proud, fly red white and blue, keep plowing your field. Be a M.U.L.E.

 *shirt fits true to size*

Built with our Workhorse comfort blend: 65% poly, 35% viscose

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