Strongest On Earth


By definition the M.U.L.E possesses the patience, even temper, and sure footedness of the donkey; and the vigor, strength and courage of the horse. In addition, the M.U.L.E possesses more patience under the pressure of heavy weight.

We will rewind what we just read and say that last sentence one more time for you... In addition the M.U.L.E possesses more patience under the pressure of heavy weight.

There is a reason why farmers use a M.U.L.E on the farm instead of the 99 other animals they have sitting around collecting dust in the barn. The M.U.L.E was built by God to work, and lastly to maintain the pressure of a fat stack of weight strapped to their back.

M.U.L.E - We are the strongest on earth.

Built with the Workhorse performance blend: 45% Cotton, 45% Modal, 5% Spandex 

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