M.U.L.E Training Systems Manual


Welcome to M.U.L.E Training Systems: An International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) accredited education and training course. 

The objective of M.U.L.E Training Systems is threefold. First we want to provide a broad general overview of linear resistance (training with tubing and/or bands) and the benefits of combining this type of resistance in conjunction with isotonic resistance (free weights) training, to create compensatory acceleration.

Second, we want to effectively teach the methods and mechanics involved in the M.U.L.E methods to maximize the body’s strength and speed capabilities for all sports and athletic activities and become a “fast-twitch machine.” 

Our third objective is to teach the safest applications of M.U.L.E for all ages, so even the youngest and oldest of athletes will be able to safely benefit from the application methods prescribed by M.U.L.E, which are simple, and extremely effective for all athletes. M.U.L.E Training has been clinically proven and if you're not using our system, you are leaving 15% - 24% of your strength, speed and power on the table. 

If you are to get as strong as you can be, fast as you can be and as explosive as you can be, it is imperative that you use 100% of your muscle fiber throughout a full range of motion. This can only be accomplished with a “progressive increase” of resistance during the movement. The M.U.L.E training manual will explain exactly how to accomplish that. 

Prepare to become the best athlete you possibly can be. 

Train like a M.U.L.E. Become a different breed.