Iron Rodeo - Weightlifting Belt


Welcome to the Iron Rodeo. Where tickets at the gate are purchased by a crowd who wants to see you fail. Where the dirt floor that lies within the cage is imprinted with the ones that failed before you. Where two horns, four legs and 1000 pounds of wrath await. Vest up, strap in and conquer the bull. 

Our best selling item of all time is finally back. The M.U.L.E quick release weightlifting belt. Tested against the highest amount of weight possible. Guaranteed to take your lifts to new PRs and support you like no other piece of leather has ever done. Any other belt is just a belt. Warranted and will be the last one your purchase. Ever. 


*when selecting size we recommend measuring around your stomach across your belly button and not going off your pant waist size*



Large -  30" - 36" 

XL -  34" - 40"

XXL - 36" - 44"

XXXL - 38" - 46"