The Smoke™ Standard Hat


Smoke is a chemical combination that is made up of over 11 different natural substances. Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, aldehydes, acid gases, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons benzene, toluene, styrene, metals and dioxins. Yes, some of these chemicals can ultimately kill you, but thankfully thats not our version of Smoke. 

Here at M.U.L.E Equipment Inc’s warehouse, we create our own synthesized combination of Smoke. A little mixing and cooking of different traits and boom, there it is.

Selfless, relentless, persevering, tenacious, determined, conquering, empowering, zealous, persistent, and last but not least contains a flame that burns within. We dedicate our Smoke Standard to you.

Built to make the haters burn.™

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