Gravedigger ™️ - Enhanced Carabiner System


** Please know that only blue and red tubing are available at the current moment. We will double the amount of tubing that comes in a lot. **

There are several things that you can throw on the bar to achieve “more resistance”. More plates, chains, resistance bands... or you can throw our gravediggers™️ onto the bar and meet the grim reaper on your next set. Take your power to the next level with our M.U.L.E power tubing, aka the gravediggers ™️. Cut shorter and welded stronger so you will have to earn your way to the top. It is single handedly the toughest and the most resistance that tubing has to offer. Back by science and a tombstone, you will get stronger or a money back guarantee. It’s hard to put a figure on the amount of resistance that you will feel... but we can promise you one thing, you will get buried.

*This system is enhanced with carabiner connection system and all kits will ship with 2 sets of individual handles (4 total) as well as one straight bar handle. 

  • Gray: 35-65 pounds of resistance 
  • Purple: 25-40 pounds
  • Blue: 15- 30 pounds of resistance
  • Red: 5-25 pounds of resistance

* pounds of resistance is an estimate and varies on exercise and amount of tension on the actual tube * 


** Disclaimer: Please consult with a physician before performing strenuous exercise or activity. Too much tension on tubing during workout or while using can cause resistance bands to break and may potentially cause personal injury or even death.  All resistance bands contain latex. ** 



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